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the Efficiency

of their systems.

PRO.CARE uses the digital twin - a precise digital image of a real object - to connect people, machines, products and systems. Every element in the value chain, whether human, machine, product or system, is represented by a digital twin in OPD ASSETS.

The asset administration shell acts as a kind of digital "frame" that contains all the relevant information and functions of the real object in the digital twin. It enables all processes, from production and maintenance to optimization, to be displayed, analysed and improved in a digital environment.

With PRO.CARE these digital twins are used to increase efficiency and productivity by enabling seamless management of the entire value chain. For example, the analysis of operating data generates precise predictions and recommendations for optimizing processes and avoiding downtime.

Although the technology behind the digital twin is complex, it makes PRO.CARE simple and user-friendly to use. Interaction with the digital twin is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand and use for everyone involved. This allows all employees to access the benefits of digitalization and use them effectively without having to deal with the underlying technological complexity.

To summarize PRO.CARE The use of digital twins and their administration shells makes the complexity of the value chain manageable, optimizes processes and increases efficiency.

Your advantages


PRO.CARE is a state-of-the-art solution for production optimization and process monitoring. It enables the creation of digital twins for production facilities, allowing comprehensive monitoring and analysis of all production processes. With its open data structure and detailed documentation PRO.CARE investment security and enables companies to make their production processes more efficient. 


PRO.CARE consists of a collection of apps that have been developed in an open and future-oriented architecture. This means that all apps can be run individually, either in the cloud or on site at the customer's production facility. The operation of the apps is very intuitive and designed for all devices such as PC, tablet or cell phone. Operators always have a quick and easy overview, which was very important when developing the apps.

Everything in PRO.CARE is designed to actively support you and your employees to run your production better and more safely. All important information is displayed on a dashboard to help you maintain an overview. By using the apps, you can ensure that you have all relevant information at a glance and can carry out production processes effectively and safely.

One software 

Through the use of PRO.CARE your employees have access to all relevant information to carry out the production processes effectively and safely.

ki production and evaluation.

In principle PRO.CARE  can currently be used for two types of tasks:

Tasks that arise again and again repeat, a similar Sample and cost you unnecessary time. Checklists, information on production.

For important tasks that require a lot of thought and where you want an expert to support you in the thought process. Evaluations of orders, raw material handling, traceability. Optimization of settings


OPDPRO.CARE was not only developed to make production processes more effective and safer, but also to promote collaborative working among employees. By using the various apps, employees can work together more easily and exchange important information. This creates unimagined added value and cost reductions, as information can be exchanged more quickly and effectively and decisions can be made on a broader information basis.

PRO.CARE also offers the opportunity to improve collaboration with external partners and suppliers. By sharing data and information, everyone involved in the value chain can work more effectively and efficiently.

Through this collaborative way of working, companies can ensure that they can utilize the full potential of their employees and resources and take their production processes to the next level.


- Interface programming (e.g. via EDGE)
- Extension of the basic functions
- Programming of SCADA systems
- Process consulting
- Training and commissioning
- Hardware & additional software
- PLC programming

* These services are not included in your OPDPRO.CARE package

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