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The networked and sustainable future of production, automation and raw materials handling

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We Konfettibombe bring industries and plants together by providing information from Technologies like ERP - OT - IT - IIOT

and people | machines| products and systems with our raw materials handling and industry expertise.

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Technologies that accompany the entire value stream from delivery to the end product with complete transparency and efficiency.

Opdenhoff! How we manufacture and manage products is changing from traditional methods to digital and sustainable methods, not only in the plastics industry to "Industry 4.0"

We are in the midst of a radical transformation towards the plastics industry 4.0. The days when companies could afford to ignore these developments are over. Opdenhoff is ready to navigate you through this new, often challenging world. Every part of your business, every role in your workforce is facing the challenge of adapting. From the production manager to the IT manager, from management to sales - everyone needs to evolve into a digitally connected team. Opdenhoff provides the necessary tools, training and expertise to make this transition not only possible, but successful. With our help, your company will not only meet the challenges of digital transformation, but will also use it as an opportunity.

We provide you with the infrastructure to digitize your production and your team, maximizing your efficiency. Opdenhoff makes you a pioneer in a world where digital capabilities, efficiency and adaptability are the keys to success.

Enter an era of optimization and intelligent data management with Opdenhoff. We rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to enable intelligent and adaptive production.


Industry 4.0 Innovation Award 2023

Other competitors were: axeed AG, Baumer Group, Beckhoff Automation, Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH, Voith Group, Murrelektronik, Phoenix Contact, Red Lion Controls and Schaeffler.

The ten outstanding solutions that made it onto the shortlist include companies such as axeed AG, Baumer Group, Beckhoff Automation, Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH, Voith Group, Murrelektronik, OPDENHOFF efficiency .now, Phoenix Contact, Red Lion Controls and Schaeffler.

Plastics Magazine 2024

This year, the three magazines KUNSTSTOFF MAGAZIN, INDUSTRIAL Production and materialfluss are jointly awarding the prizes for the products of the year 2024. The Seehaus in Munich's English Garden provided the perfect setting for the award ceremonies.


  • Transparency in the value stream
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Completeness and correctness of processes

  • Transparent processes
  • Paperless production
  • Focus on achieving strategic corporate goals
  • Increasing efficiency and quality
  • Future-proof technology
  • Easy integration into existing processes and systems
  • Real-time data production orders
  • AI-controlled order planning
  • Improved collaboration
  • Reduced waste
  • Traceability through QR codes via cell phone
  • Adaptability
  • AI production and evaluation
  • Identification through your logo
  • Quick access to relevant information
  • Product passport: Transparent circular economy information
  • Open data space for sustainable supply chains
  • API interface
  • Microservice architectures
  • Containerization
  • Cross-platform
  • Digital twin (IDTA) technology

1 partial investment | per month Staff time savings

1 partial investment | per month
Increased efficiency

1 partial investment | per month
Reduction of errors

OPDPRO.CARE is a comprehensive solution for digital manufacturing that helps companies in the plastics industry to make their production more efficient, flexible and competitive.

The services offer a variety of functions and unique features that make them a first-class choice for companies looking to optimize their production.

A key feature of OPDPRO.CARE is the use of digital twins, which enable an accurate virtual representation of the physical systems and processes.

This enables companies to precisely analyze, simulate and optimize their production. The continuous collection of real-time data and powerful analysis tools help companies to make informed decisions and continuously optimize processes.

Abwicklung von Produktionsaufträgen pro Asset – Vollautomatisch 💪💪💪

OPDPRO.CARE is flexible and adaptable, which enables companies to,

to implement individual solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs. The platform also supports companies in implementing the principles of Industry 4.0 and digitizing, networking and optimizing their production.

Overall, OPDPRO.CARE offers an innovative and powerful solution for companies that want to modernize their production and increase their competitiveness. The combination of advanced technologies, comprehensive functionality and individual adaptability makes OPDPRO.CARE the ideal choice for companies on the path to digital manufacturing.



We have a highly motivated team of experts waiting to meet your requirements and goals. Experienced production experts in consulting, OT & IT specialists in development, as well as a support team for long-term project management. We develop and optimize your projects according to the agile SCRUM method, in which we divide the project into transparent and scheduled sprints in order to continuously take your feedback into account. We promise you that working with OPDENHOFF is efficiency.now from day one.

Vision:  OPDENHOFF aims to revolutionize the future of manufacturing by creating a connected and sustainable world where people, machines, products and systems work together and connect industries and plants globally.

Mission: Our mission is to connect people, machines, products and systems through breakthrough technology and artificial intelligence via the digital twin in the value stream. Through the real-time integration of information from ERP, OT, IT and IoT, we create a closed-loop management shell of production that adds value across industries and promotes collaborative learning between industries, people, machines, products and systems.



Whether from the control unit, from SCADA, from the desktop or from your smartphone. PRO.CARE accompanies you across all platforms and gives you permanent and fast access to the important processes of your production.

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Logo SAP and OPDENHOFF Technology
  • Use of APIs for standardized communication
  • Making integration accessible to all
  • Implementation of intelligent lifecycle management
  • Ensuring seamless interactions between partners & employees

Frequently asked questions

Opdenhoff is your comprehensive expert for the modernization of production. From planning to digitalization and data optimization along the entire value stream, we offer efficient solutions that create added value for everyone involved. We know that this is a complex process, so we have compiled the most frequently asked questions on this topic here to help you better understand the benefits of our services.

  • Process engineering
  • Controls
  • Automation
  • Digitization
  • Teamwork
Which ERP systems can be connected via an API?

ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, ProAlpha, Sage, Abas and many others can be connected on a daily basis via APIs. Data connectors can synchronize all required data both read and write. For example, order data, parts lists, material movements or performance values can be exchanged automatically.

What makes Opdenhoff special in the field of digitalization in production?

Opdenhoff is revolutionizing the manufacturing sector by connecting people, machines, products and systems by taking an object-oriented view of the entire value stream. Our focus is on the essentials according to the Pareto principle, whereby we offer efficient, cost-saving and optimized solutions.

How do I get started?

Entry is tailored to your needs. You can enter from different perspectives - be it the company level, the production level or the technology level.

Perhaps you want to modernize your systems (retrofit), link your quality management more closely with production, standardize processes sustainably for your plants or simply record and evaluate data. Perhaps you are even aiming to set up artificial intelligence. Regardless of your goals, we bring the necessary methods and our many years of experience to the table.

However, our main focus is always on optimizing the value stream, as this is where efficiency and productivity can be significantly increased. By consistently focusing on the value stream, we minimize waste, both in terms of costs and personnel, and thus create sustainable added value for your company. Let's work together to find the ideal entry point for you and embark on the path to efficient digitalization!

What added value does Opdenhoff offer?

Opdenhoff offers companies clear added value through the digitalization and optimization of their processes. By using modern technologies such as digital twins and integration with your ERP system, we make complex processes transparent and manageable. In doing so, we improve quality and efficiency and reduce waste to make your company more competitive. Data sovereignty always remains in your hands, which ensures trust and security.

Is it possible to record and control machine and process data?

Yes, it is definitely possible. Machine data can not only be retrieved, but also controlled. This is done directly from the controller, via industrial IIoT devices or via standardized protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT, LORAWan, IO-LINK. It often makes sense to specify specific recipes and parameters and query machine statuses in order to integrate them into the processes in an agile manner (golden batch). Even binary information (0/1) can be useful. If required, we can provide you with intelligent terminal strips or advise you on the selection of suitable hardware for your machinery. The structure of the administration shell means that we are independent of manufacturers, but we can build on over 50 years of experience with manufacturers such as Siemens and others. Communication takes place in both directions, both for control and for retrieving status information.

What do the software and services cost?

At Opdenhoff, we create sustainable added value through efficient digitalization solutions, adapted to every company - large or small. We work with a constantly evolving architecture, which means you always benefit from the latest innovations. Our flexible billing models, based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) principle, are also tailored to your needs. You can get started with the digitalization of a value stream from as little as €1500. Convince yourself of the long-term benefits we offer. We are ready when you are!

How can Opdenhoff support companies with the skills shortage?

Opdenhoff helps companies overcome the skills shortage by providing partnerships in your area and supporting the search and retention of skilled workers through our OPDPRO.CARE software solution.


Marcel Bierz

"Opdenhoff's service has helped us in many ways. They are straightforward and extremely competent. Whether we need a small problem or a comprehensive solution, Opdenhoff is always on hand. Their quick response time and deep understanding of our requirements make them an invaluable partner in our production." (DINOVA)

Jürgen Simmel

"Working with Opdenhoff has taken our production to a new level. The implementation of their technologies has maintained the flexibility of our plants and improved traceability from raw materials to the end product. Opdenhoff has exceeded our expectations and increased our competitiveness." (DECEUNINCK)


Peter Landsberg

Opdenhoff has given us the tools to make our maintenance more efficient and effective. Their solutions allow us to monitor the condition of our equipment in real time and respond proactively to potential problems. Opdenhoff has optimized our maintenance processes and reduced our operating costs." (silver plastics®)

Arnold Jelen

"Opdenhoff has helped us to increase the efficiency of our production and reduce operating costs at the same time. Their solutions have enabled us to identify bottlenecks and take proactive measures. We appreciate the partnership with Opdenhoff and their support in optimizing our production processes." (BOGE)


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