The advantages of OPDPRO.CARE, Kanban and asset orientation in order management

OPDPRO.CARE is an innovative solution that revolutionizes order management. With the integration of the Kanban system and asset orientation, this platform offers numerous advantages for organizations in various industries. In this blog post, we will highlight the benefits of OPDPRO.CARE, Kanban and asset orientation in order management.

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Definition of order management

Order management software deals with the coordination and control of all processes associated with the receipt, planning, implementation and delivery of customer orders. It includes communication between companies and customers, the planning and control of production as well as the organization of shipping and logistics.

Importance of order management

Effective order management is essential, especially in the area of liquid and powder production processes. It ensures that delivery deadlines are met, product quality is high and production capacities are optimally utilized. In addition, the order management software contributes to cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

Challenges and opportunities

The industrial sector of liquid and powdery productions poses a number of challenges:

  • Complex production processes
  • High quality requirements
  • Constant changes in demand

However, these challenges also offer opportunities for the implementation of new technologies and optimization approaches, such as OPDPRO.CARE, to increase efficiency and profitability.

Order management planning

Analysis of the production processes

In order to ensure efficient order management, a precise analysis of the production processes is essential. This includes the identification of bottlenecks, weak points and optimization potential. Digital twins are mapped in the value chain for this purpose.

Order acceptance

Order acceptance is the first step in order management. Customer orders are received and checked for completeness of all necessary information - by default via API, e.g. from the ERP.

Capacity planning

Capacity planning is used to ensure the efficient use of required resources in production. Production capacities, material availability and personnel requirements are taken into account for this purpose.


Scheduling includes the definition of production and delivery dates, taking capacity planning into account. Time information for each asset helps to make the forecasts more reliable.

Resource planning

Resource planning involves the allocation of manpower, for example from maintenance, quality management and production, as well as planning the use of materials and the machines required to fulfill customer orders.

Implementation of order management

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Order processing

Order processing covers all steps from production to delivery of the end product to the customer.

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The provision of materials and resources ensures that all necessary materials and resources are available on time and in sufficient quantities.

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Quality control

Quality control ensures that the products produced meet the customer's requirements and fulfill high quality standards.

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The documentation serves to track production, quality assurance and compliance with legal requirements. Checklists and notes are helpful here so that everyone involved can maintain an overview.

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Shipping and logistics

The organization of shipping and logistics ensures that products are delivered to the customer on time.

Implementation of order management with OPDPRO.CARE

Asset-oriented structure

OPDPRO.CARE is an innovative software solution for order management that is characterized by its asset-oriented structure. The platform organizes and manages all resources and processes in the production chain - such as machines, materials, personnel and logistics - and thus provides a comprehensive overview of the entire production process.

Integration of Kanban principles

The integration of Kanban principles into the order management software enables efficient planning, implementation and control of customer orders. Any bottlenecks and inefficiencies are quickly identified and eliminated thanks to the visualization of workflows and the focus on continuous improvement.

Artificial intelligence to improve processes

The asset-oriented structure of OPDPRO.CARE enables the subsequent implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). AI algorithms can analyse large volumes of production data and identify patterns in order to further optimize processes, use resources more efficiently and increase product quality.

Real-time information and improved communication

To enable better communication between the departments involved and ensure greater customer satisfaction, the order management software provides real-time information on order status.


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Support for quality control

By facilitating the documentation of production data and test results, the platform also supports quality control. This contributes to compliance with quality standards and legal requirements.

Optimization of shipping and logistics

Thanks to the integration of shipping and logistics in OPDPRO.CARE, delivery deadlines can be precisely planned and adhered to. This leads to improved delivery reliability and an optimized material flow.

In summary, the order management software OPDPRO.CARE in combination with asset orientation, Kanban and future artificial intelligence offers a powerful solution for order management in the liquid and powder production industry. The platform enables efficient planning, implementation and control of customer orders, resulting in improved product quality, customer satisfaction and cost savings.

Efficient order management with Kanban

The Kanban system was originally developed in the automotive industry to optimize production processes. Today, it is used in many different industries to control the flow of work. OPDPRO.CARE uses the Kanban system for efficient and transparent order management.

Advantages at a glance:

Visual representation of tasks:
Kanban boards make it easier to visualize tasks and their status so that everyone involved can see the current status of things at a glance.

Improving cooperation:
The Kanban system promotes teamwork by emphasizing shared responsibility for the work.

OPDPRO.CARE makes it possible to effectively manage assets such as machines, devices or employees, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Reduction of downtimes:
    Through optimized asset management, OPDPRO.CARE can help to reduce downtimes of devices or machines by identifying and carrying out maintenance measures in good time.
  • Cost savings:
    Efficient asset management helps to reduce costs by minimizing unnecessary maintenance and extending the service life of resources.
  • Better decision making:
    Asset orientation makes it possible to make informed decisions about the purchase, maintenance or replacement of resources by providing data on the condition and use of assets.

Integration of

OPDPRO.CARE, Kanban and asset orientation

The integration of these approaches in OPDPRO.CARE offers a comprehensive solution for order management:

Central platform:
OPDPRO.CARE makes it possible to collect all information on orders, assets and workflows in one place, which facilitates communication and decision-making.

OPDPRO.CARE offers the option of adapting the system to individual workflows and processes in order to meet the specific requirements of an organization.

Increased transparency:
The combination of the Kanban system and asset orientation leads to improved transparency across the entire work process and the status of resources, which contributes to more efficient order processing.

Automation of processes:
OPDPRO.CARE makes it possible to automate manual processes and reduce routine tasks, which helps to increase efficiency and minimize human error.

Data analysis and reporting:
The platform offers extensive data analysis and reporting functions that make it possible to identify key performance indicators and trends and make data-based decisions for continuous improvement.

The application can be adapted to the needs of different organizations, regardless of their size or industry.


The combination of the order management software OPDPRO.CARE, the Kanban system and the asset orientation offers numerous advantages for order management. By improving efficiency, collaboration, transparency and flexibility, this integrated solution can help organizations optimize their workflows and remain competitive. The automation of processes and data-based decision making also make it possible to drive continuous improvement and ensure long-term success.

Order management software OPDPRO.CARE in practice

A roofing membrane production company has successfully used OPDPRO.CARE to optimize its entire value chain - from raw material procurement to the finished roofing membrane with label.

By implementing the OPDPRO.CARE order management software, the company was able to bring transparency to its production processes and identify bottlenecks at an early stage. The asset-oriented structure enabled efficient use of resources and precise capacity planning. The integration of Kanban principles led to improved communication between departments and higher customer satisfaction.

In close cooperation with the customer, OPDENHOFF works continuously to optimize production processes. By using OPDPRO.CARE and the resulting real-time information, customer requirements can be quickly identified and implemented.

The company even wants to introduce gamification in production with OPDENHOFF in order to further increase the effectiveness and motivation of its employees. Gamification uses game-based elements such as points systems, ranking lists or rewards to offer employees a playful experience and reward them for outstanding performance.

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The successful implementation of OPDPRO.CARE in roofing membrane production shows that the platform, in combination with asset orientation, Kanban and future artificial intelligence, offers a powerful solution for order management. The continuous optimization of the value chain and close cooperation with customers and employees lead to improved product quality, customer satisfaction and cost savings.

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