Digitalization in production

Mastering challenges in the field of powdery and liquid raw materials

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are having a profound impact on all areas of manufacturing and production, including the processing of powdered and liquid raw materials. Many industries are facing unique challenges, but also opportunities, when it comes to implementing digital technologies and agile methods. In this blog post, we look at how these challenges can be addressed and how technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins and value stream mapping can help optimize processes.

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Digitalization and agility

Digitalization enables companies to make their production processes more efficient and flexible. This is particularly relevant in industries where production processes are often complex and difficult to optimize - such as those that work with powdery and liquid raw materials. At Opdenhoff, we have developed an approach based on agile fixed price and risk sharing. This approach allows us to keep costs under control while taking advantage of the benefits of digitalization.

AI in the digitalization of production

Artificial intelligence can play a decisive role in optimizing production processes. With AI, we can recognize patterns in data and make predictions and intelligent decisions. This can also be more than useful for the production of powdery and liquid raw materials.

Digital twin and value stream mapping

A key component of digitalization in production is the digital twin. It allows us to create a virtual copy of a physical product or process and use it to uncover weak points and optimize production processes.
Value stream mapping is another tool that helps us to optimize production. It makes it possible to analyze and optimize the entire production process from raw material procurement to the finished product. By identifying and eliminating the "7 types of waste", we can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Cooperation and a sustainable future

Our approach also emphasizes the importance of collaboration and sustainability. We believe that close collaboration between all stakeholders is crucial to finding optimal solutions. In addition, we strive for solutions that not only meet current requirements, but also take into account the needs of the future.
The digitalization of the production of powdery and liquid raw materials is a challenge, but also an opportunity. With the right tools and the right approach, we can make processes more efficient and create real added value for our customers. At Opdenhoff, we are ready to accompany you on this journey and help you reap the benefits of digitalization.


Digitalization in production

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Preventive maintenance

By implementing sensors and monitoring systems, potential failures or problems can be detected at an early stage, resulting in reduced unplanned downtimes.

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More efficient repairs

Digitalization enables faster diagnosis of faults and more efficient planning and execution of repairs to minimize downtimes.

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Digital technologies enable higher production speeds, reduce the error rate and optimize processes.

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Real-time monitoring

IoT solutions enable continuous monitoring of production processes in order to identify and rectify bottlenecks or problems at an early stage.

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Data analysis

Digitalization enables more comprehensive data collection and analysis in order to better understand product quality and identify and rectify potential quality problems at an early stage.

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Digital solutions improve the traceability of products along the supply chain, which makes it easier to identify quality problems and increases product safety.

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The implementation of digital technologies enables the rationalization of processes and better use of resources.

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Digital processes enable faster adaptability to changing market conditions.

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Training and further education

Digitalization offers easier access to training and further education to expand employees' skills and better prepare them for new technologies.

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Relief from routine tasks

Automation relieves employees of time-consuming and monotonous tasks so that they can concentrate on more demanding and creative tasks.

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Well-founded decisions

Digitization enables comprehensive data collection and analysis, which provides management with a better basis for well-founded decisions.

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Increasing competitiveness

Companies and groups that successfully use digitalization can gain a competitive advantage by bringing innovative products to market faster and responding more effectively to market trends.

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Value stream normalization

Digitalization facilitates the standardization and normalization of value streams in complex companies and groups, which leads to a more efficient and transparent organization.

Digitalization therefore not only has a positive impact on the operational aspects of a company, but also offers strategic advantages and supports management in increasing competitiveness and long-term corporate development. By standardizing value streams, processes become more transparent, efficient and easier to understand, which leads to better overall performance and optimized use of resources.

Optimization of business and production processes


In our team at Opdenhoff, we are committed to unraveling and improving the complexity of your business and production processes. We use our expertise to analyze your value stream, identify unnecessary aspects and apply advanced technologies to make your processes more effective.

Our key to success at Opdenhoff lies in collective collaboration and cooperation. We are convinced that the shared knowledge of employees, customers and suppliers plays an essential role in your value creation process. That is why we attach great importance to involving everyone involved and promote learning in a playful way through gamification.
Our approach is aimed at inspiring your employees and intensifying quality management. After all, effective quality management is a central aspect of our work philosophy. With our wide-ranging experience, we can help you increase the performance of your ERP system and fully exploit your company's potential.

By analyzing and evaluating data, we give your processes more transparency, speed and efficiency. By developing models in the area of digital twins and administration shells, we enable a seamless and agile link between production and company management. This facilitates handling and control by your ERP system.

Let's accelerate the digital transformation in your company together. Team Opdenhoff is eager, open and ready to tackle any challenge with you. Regardless of your role in the company or your perspective - we are ready to listen and learn from you.

Efficient and precise inventory of liquid and powdery raw materials

Taking inventory of liquid and powdered raw materials is an essential step in providing companies with a detailed insight into their stock levels. With Opdenhoff's system solutions, this inventory management can be simplified and optimized.

Opdenhoff's technical solutions are tailor-made to support the management of materials and stock. They offer a seamless booking facility directly at the point of action and easy adaptability to company-specific requirements. The user interface is intuitive and the software can easily be used on various mobile devices.

An outstanding feature of Opdenhoff solutions is the ability to scan and immediately post material, serial and batch numbers. This speeds up stocktaking and minimizes errors. In addition, the solutions are easily compatible with ERP systems such as SAP, which enables constant access to the real-time status of inventories.

Opdenhoff has developed a function for production planners that clearly displays production orders and provides relevant information for the desired period. Using the planning calendar, production orders can be easily organized with the drag & drop function. Critical production components are monitored in the Kanban system to optimize the production process.

Opdenhoff's solutions also enable order documents to be printed directly from the app and offer visual order tracking in the Kanban system.
In summary, Opdenhoff solutions facilitate efficient and accurate inventory of liquid and powdered raw materials. They help companies to manage their inventories efficiently and optimize their production processes.


Always on the trail of innovation with curiosity

In the midst of the overwhelming complexity of our time, Opdenhoff presents himself not simply as a passive observer, but as a pioneer, a shaper of tomorrow. Our approach is bold and out of the ordinary: we delve deeper into complexity in order to break it down and make it more manageable.

Our tools are advanced and ground-breaking methods and processes that enable us to decode the various aspects of the value stream and transform them to our advantage.

We are not just solution finders - we are designers, revolutionaries and pioneers of what is to come. Every day, we work to develop the systems that enable us to manage constant change while actively shaping the future.

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The digital transformation is revolutionizing the processing of powdery and liquid raw materials and offers both challenges and opportunities. Digitalization enables more efficient and flexible production processes, especially in complex industries.

Opdenhoff uses an approach based on agile fixed prices and risk sharing to control costs and maximize the benefits of digitalization. Key tools include the digital twin to uncover weaknesses and value stream mapping to optimize processes through identification and elimination.

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in optimizing production processes and helps to identify patterns in data and make intelligent decisions. Collaboration and sustainability are crucial for success.

Digitalization in the production of powdery and liquid raw materials is a challenge, but it also offers opportunities. With the right tools, processes can be made more efficient and real added value can be created for customers. Opdenhoff supports other companies in exploiting the benefits of digitalization.

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